SANTA MARIA 45 Dive Special


Boat for diving, new design, very wide, comfortable and fast, large rear staircase, economical in its operation, materials of 1st quality.


Length 45 Feet, Sleeve 14. Feet, Draft 3 Feet.


Special heavy duty production, 100% imported hand-made fiberglass, Premium Gel Coat, Composite Resin, fast drift hull tunnels, sealed bulkheads, for added security.


Wide cab with WC, non-slip floors, aluminum and aluminum aluminum handrails, 54 registers on the floor, seats with base for the tanks, low profile rear platform, opaque tempered glass windows, protection molding, for heavy duty, front pulpit with anchor and base.

Command Post

Control console, hydraulic steering system, stainless steel steering wheel, 2 control controls w / cables, dashboards, compass, fuel and water meters, depth gauge, GPS horn, with map, speedometer, captain's revolving chair, retractable roof , shadow for the captain, 1 trunk with keys.

Electric system

2 Batteries 8D with 2 battery selectors, 2 automatic 1500gls bilge pumps, 2 500 GPH bilge pumps with automatic, cabin lights, corridors, engine room, international navigation lights, front navigation spot, marine wiring, board control, switch.


Diesel marine engine, Cummi 210HP -315 HP, 2 marine transmissions, 2 fuel filters, support of the stainless steel engines.


2 Stainless steel propeller arrows, 2 stainless steel V-ribs, 2 stainless steel rudders, 2 4-bladed propellers, 2 water inlet filters for the engine, 400lts fuel tank, stainless steel exhausts, screws stainless steel.5 anodes of Zing.

Diving equipment

Seats for 308 divers, large spaces to store equipment, 60 racks to hold diving tanks, 1 ladder for divers, fresh water sprinkler with tank and pump, 2 side spots, 1 spot under water for night diving.

SANTA MARIA 45 Dive special

Boat for diving, special design for commercial diving,